Vintage Barbie Party Lines

Vintage Barbie Party Lines

Black Dress with Red Pattern and White Lace Trim
White Hose
Black Flat Shoes with Ribbon Ties

This is a black satin dress with a red rose print on the waist and skirt. The long sleeves are sheer black. There is white lace trim at the neck, bib, cuffs and hem. This can be hard to find, especially the black shoes, which have black ribbon ties attached.

Along with Victorian Velvet, this is a look that was very popular, especially for special occasions, through the early to mid-1970s. There was a very popular brand of clothing called Gunne Sax that made this "old fashioned" style very popular with teens. I wore Gunne Sax dresses to the Homecoming Dance all three years I was in High School. The brand is very popular today with vintage clothing collectors.

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