Vintage Barbie Plantation Belle

Vintage Barbie Plantation Belle #966

The romantic pink sheer Scarlet O'Hara party dress is trimmed in lace and goes over a white nylon petticoat with tulle ruffles and ribbon accents.

Pink Sheer Dress

White Full Half Slip

Pink Straw Picture Hat

Pink Straw Purse with Sequins & Beads

Pink Graduated Pearl Necklace

Pink Pearl Snake Bracelet

Pink Pearl Earrings

Short White Gloves

Pink Open Toe Shoes

Barbie wearing Plantation Belle
Plantation Belle Accessories

Vintage Barbie Plantation Belle Details

The delicate fabric of this outfit doesn't hold up as well as many.  Since it was only made for two years, it can be a little more difficult to find in great condition.  Also, the accessories that are unique to this set are considered rare and can be hard to find in great condition.  It is helpful that the Plantation Belle Barbie accessories are available in a set or individually.  This makes it easier for Collectors to add the pieces needed to complete their collection.

The pink straw hat
has flower bud accents.  

Plantation Belle hat

The matching straw purse has
sequin and bead accents.

Plantation Belle Accessories

The dress closes with a back zipper.

Plantation Belle Back Zipper

Pink Graduated Pearl Necklace

Plantation Belle pink pearl necklace

White Full Half Slip

Plantation Belle slip

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There were two different types of lace used in making the vintage Barbie Plantation Belle ensemble.  Both lace designs were very intricate and delicate with beautiful results.  The variation on the left is the one most commonly seen - the one on the right is much more rare.

Plantation Belle Lace Variations

Of course, there was a clone version made!

Plantation Belle Clone dress

The vintage Barbie Plantation Belle ensemble was pictured on this 1961 Travel Pals Train Case made by Ponytail.  The outfits pictured are Golden Girl, Plantation Belle, Cotton Casual, Resort Set, Apple Print Sheath, and Cruise Stripes.

1961 Barbie Train Case picturing Barbie in Plantation Belle ensemble

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The dress and slip were included in this Barbie Party Set #856 (1960) Gift Set. 

1960 Barbie Party Set 856 Gift Set

In 1992, Mattel issued a Porcelain Plantation Belle Barbie.  It was a reproduction of 1964 Plantation Belle Barbie and part of the Barbie Porcelain Treasures Collection.  Second in the series, this limited edition doll was designed for the adult collector.

1992 Porcelain Plantation Belle Barbie

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Mattel issued a Plantation Belle Reproduction in 2004.  It was the perfect combination of Vintage Barbie Plantation Belle #966 and a Platinum Swirl Ponytail Vintage Barbie Doll.

Plantation Belle Reproduction

This photo from a 1957 ad in a women's magazine shows the inspiration for this ensemble.  It was one of the styles of the late 1950s. 

This photo from a 1957 ad in a woman's magazine, shows the inspiration for this ensemble.  It was one of the styles of the late 1950s.

Photo from Pinterest

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