Vintage Barbie Registered Nurse

Vintage Barbie Registered Nurse

White Uniform Dress with Pin
Navy Cape
Nurses Hat
Black Glasses
White Open Toe Heels
Hot Water Bottle
Medicine Bottle
Metal Spoon

As an RN myself, I do have a bit of the problem with the white heels! Heels? For an RN? I don’t think so!!

Times have certainly changed for nurses’ attire – but this is absolutely how RNs were required to dress in the 1950s and 1960s – minus the heels, of course. You had to wear the hard soled nursing shoes and they better be polished! Thank God for scrubs and tennis shoes! By the time I entered nursing in the early 1980s caps were optional –they finally went away for good in the 1990s.

This ensemble comes with lots of cute little accessories that can be hard to find – especially the metal spoon. The diploma, which is also “outdated” since most diploma schools no longer exist, is also hard to find.

Mattel issued a Barbie Registered Nurse Reproduction in 2010 for the Barbie Classic Careers / My Favorite Barbie Series.

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