Vintage Barbie Silken Flame

The Vintage Barbie Silken Flame ensemble has stood the test of time.  It has been released and reproduced in creative ways that remain popular today.  From Christmas ornaments to an age appropriate replica for Skipper, we hope you enjoy all this iconic outfit has to offer.

Vintage Barbie Silken Flame #977

Red Velvet & White Satin Strapless Short Dress
Gold Dimple Belt
Gold Dimple Clutch Purse
Black Open Toe Heels

This is a great vintage ensemble that is still fairly easy to find.  The satin usually holds up well and is quite beautiful.  It can be a a challenge, however, to find the belt without creases or peeling gold.

Maybe this was Barbie's outfit for her Valentines Day date!

More Vintage Barbie Silken Flame 

Vintage Barbie Silken Flame Reproduction

In honor of the Silken Flame Barbie first issued in 1964, Mattel issued a Vintage Reproduction in 1998.  

This ensemble is often seen with the Red Flare velvet swing coat and pillbox hat, but it actually wasn’t produced until 1962 (as a tribute to Jackie Kennedy, no doubt).

Because the dress and coat were so beautiful together, the two ensembles were issued as a set representing the sixties in a glamorous way.

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Reproduction on

Skipper's Coordinating Ensemble

Vintage Skipper Silk N Fancy #1902 (1964 - 1965)

This festive dress was made for the Skipper doll as an age appropriate version to match Barbie.  Staying true to the is quite a fancy dress for a little girl.

Short Sleeve Dress with Red Velvet Bodice White Satin Skirt and Gold Braid Waistband
Gold Elastic Headband
White Ankle Socks
Black Flat Shoes  

The inside of the hem of the dress has a row of lace (in white or red and white lace), to give the illusion of a slip.  

Except for the gold headband, this ensemble is pretty easy to find.  The dress holds up well and is usually found without major problems.

The gold headband is very hard to find and when it is found is often stretched out of shape or has other problems with the elastic.

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on eBay.

1998 Silken Flame Barbie Hallmark #5 Christmas Ornament

The tradition of the Silken Flame ensemble was carried on in Christmas ornaments as well.  In 1998, the Silken Flame Barbie Hallmark Ornament was issued 5th in the Barbie line as part of a Collector's Series.

Artist:  Patricia Andrews

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