Vintage Barbie Silver Polish

Vintage Barbie Silver Polish
1969 - 1970

Silver Lame Jumpsuit
Yellow Long Coat with Silver Trim
Yellow Pilgrim Shoes

This totally mod ensemble is another version of Barbie's hostess pajamas (what jumpsuits were called then) with a dress or coat over them.

This version features really cool silver lame for the jumpsuit (or pajamas) with a silver braid & yellow trim at the waist. 

The front of the pants legs have a notched hem.  I suspect this jumpsuit was inspired by the space program popularity of this era.

The long yellow coat has coordinating silver trim and 2 bow closures made of yellow ribbon.

This is not the easiest ensemble to find - the coat is found much more often than the jumpsuit, because the tricot fabric of the silver jumpsuit is very delicate and prone to discoloration or fading.

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