Vintage Barbie Smasheroo

Vintage Barbie Smasheroo
1968 - 1969

Red Cotton Striped Dress With Chain Belt
Yellow Fur Jacket
Yellow Fur Hat
Yellow Lace Hose
Red Boots

Mattel issued a Smasheroo Reproduction in 1998 (Brunette TNT) and 1999 (Redhead TNT).

This mod take on the classic shirtdress can be very hard to find.  The chain belt, yellow fur hat & yellow lace hose are especially hard to find. 

The cotton dress, which usually holds up very well, can usually be found at an affordable price. 

The red boots from this ensemble are the knee high "riding boots" - they are squishy vinyl and will either be unmarked or marked JAPAN on the bottom near the heel.

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