Vintage Barbie Solo In The Spotlight

Vintage Barbie Solo In The Spotlight was the definition of the siren look.  With bare shoulders, tight fit, and nylon net flounce at the bottom, Barbie was dressed and ready to sing her heart out.  This dramatic ensemble has endured the test of time and is a Collector favorite.  

Vintage Barbie Solo In The Spotlight

Strapless Black Gown
Pink Chiffon Scarf
4-strand crystal choker
Long Black Gloves
Black Open Toe Heels

This glamorous ensemble is fairly easy to find. The most problematic area of the dress is that the glitter is frequently worn thin or completely off the bust area of the dress. Also the red rose is sometimes missing.

The microphone and stand are actually three pieces – the plastic bottom, the metal pole and the plastic microphone. These can be very difficult to find.

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Vintage Barbie Solo In The Spotlight Collectibles

How do you honor one of the most popular ensembles ever?  That's easy, create stunning Collectibles that pay tribute to the best of the past, in the future.  From everyday keychains to exquisite porcelain dolls, these Collectibles honor Vintage Barbie Solo In The Spotlight in an intriguing and fascinating way.  

1995 Solo In The Spotlight Reproduction.
Mattel released a 
Solo In The Spotlight Reproduction #982 in 1995.  This spectacular Special Edition 1960 reissue captured the past edition perfectly.  Whether looking to reclaim a piece of nostalgia or excited to begin a Barbie collection, this reproduction did not disappoint.  

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The Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie.
In 2009, Mattel released a 
50th Anniversary Set, The Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie.  The craftmanship and attention to details that went into this reproduction made it a Collector's treasure.  Part of My Favorite Barbie Doll Series, the set included a reproduction of the famous 1959 doll that started it all, a reproduction of the 1960 Solo In The Spotlight fashion, a reproduction vintage booklet, and 50th anniversary collectible cards.

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1995 Hallmark Ornament Barbie Solo In The Spotlight.
In 1995, Hallmark issued a Keepsake Ornament featuring the 1960 Solo In The Spotlight ensemble.  This ornament was second in the Collector's Series and the artist was Patricia Andrews.   

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2001 Solo In The Spotlight Case and Barbie Ornament Set
In 2001, Hallmark issued a Keepsake Ornament Set that included two ornaments, a Barbie and a case.  With a feeling of nostalgia, both ornaments showcased the Solo In The Spotlight ensemble as first offered in 1960.  The case ornament actually opened up to reveal the inside of a Barbie case with a moving drawer.  The front of the case also featured Enchanting Evening and Ballerina fashions.  Sculpted by Patricia Andrews.

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2004 Barbie Lenox Solo In The Spotlight Ornament.
The Lenox Barbie Solo In The Spotlight Ornament is a work of art in its own right.  Second in a Series, this hand painted ornament was crafted from ivory fine china accented in 24 karat gold.  The Solo in the Spotlight gown is exquisitely adorned with sparkling rhinestones and a gold tassel cord is included for hanging.

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Vintage Barbie Cases.
When a Barbie ensemble becomes famous, it most assuredly shows up in collectibles.  There were two 1962 Barbie trunks featuring Solo in the Spotlight issued, one black and one blue.  As you can see in the pictures below, there were color changes from the real dress and microphone in the graphics on these cases.  Other Barbie fashions included on the front of these trunks was Enchanted Evening and Ballerina.  

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Barbie Keychain.
Part of a Series featuring styles from 1959 to 1975, the Vintage Barbie Solo In The Spotlight ensemble makes everything look smashing.  Each keychain has movable arms, legs, head, or accessories.  Clipped on tote bags, bookbags, Barbie cases, etc., this collectible is a popular favorite today.  

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Solo In The Spotlight Porcelain Barbie.
In 1990, Mattel released the 5th porcelain doll in a limited edition series.  Part of the Porcelain Treasures Collection, this porcelain figurine is a glamourous portrayal of one of the most popular fashions in Barbie history.  Barbie wears it all with style and this stunning tribute to 1961 Solo In The Spotlight is no exception.  

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From Barbie With Love Musical Figurine.
A 1993 Limited Edition Musical Figurine by Enesco, officially authorized by Mattel, also honored this ensemble.  Part of the Glamour Collection, this porcelain bisque doll was numbered on the bottom and came with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Barbie looks flawless wearing Solo In The Spotlight that was embellished with actual fabric accessories.

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Barbie Solo In The Spotlight Telephone.
This two-piece, fully modular telephone is unique in every way.  When the phone rings, Barbie sings 1959 "Busy Buzz" soundtrack and stage light flashes.  And then to top it all off, Barbie is made of cold cast porcelain and is wearing Solo In The Spotlight.  Each telephone was numbered and included a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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