Solo in the Spotlight
Vintage Barbie Reproduction

1995 Solo in the Spotlight Vintage Barbie Reproduction is a reproduction of one of Barbie's most famous vintage ensemblesSolo In The Spotlight #982 (1960-1964) .

The doll was made both with honey blonde and brunette hair and included reproductions of all of the original pieces of the ensemble.

The gown has a Barbie Reproduction tag, done in the vintage style with a white cloth tag and Black cursive Barbie signature, underneath the Barbie name it has Reproduction.

This is and has been very popular with collectors and has been very active on the secondary market since it's release.

The ensemble was reissued again in the 2009 50th Anniversary Original Fashion Model Gift Set.

It can usually be found quite inexpensively and is also a good candidate to debox and use the doll to display vintage fashions.  In fact, I believe this one's NRFB value will increase over the years, as so many of them are deboxed.

Also in 1995, there was a Hallmark Solo in the Spotlight Barbie Ornament.

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