Vintage Barbie Swingin' Easy

Vintage Barbie Swingin’ Easy #955 (1963)

Green & White Floral Print Dress
White Vinyl Clutch Purse
Pearl Drop Necklace
Black Open Toe Heels

This is the green version of Let’s Dance #978 (1960- 1962)  (which was blue).  Other than the color the two ensembles are identical. 

The green dress is much harder to find than the blue, and when found it will often have a discolored or darkened cummerbund (it often has turned to brown).

In mint condition, the fabric of the dress should be very crisp and full.  Frequently the ties in the back are missing.

Mattel issued a Swinging' Easy reproduction with the 2008 Campus Sweet Shop Gift set.

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