Vintage Barbie Pearl Drop Necklace

Vintage Barbie Pearl Drop Necklace was included in these ensembles:

Debutante Ball #1666 (1966-1967)
Fraternity Dance #1638 (1965)
Junior Prom #1614 (1965)
Let's Dance #978 (1960-1962)
Roman Holiday #968 (1959)
Suburban Shopper #969 (1959-1964)
Swingin' Easy #955 (1963)

Because these are so tiny and were included in a relatively few ensembles, they are very difficult to find.  When they are found the chain is usually heavily tarnished.  A true vintage necklace in excellent condition will usually go for a premium price.  Many collectors opt for a reproduction, which are usually very good quality and reasonably priced.

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