Vintage Barbie The Dream Team

Vintage Barbie The Dream Team
1971 - 1972

White Lace Robe With Blue Ribbon Tie Waist
White Nylon Short Nightgown With Lace Trim
White Felt Slippers With Lace Trim

The nightgown is sheer white nylon lined in tricot. It has lace trimmed yoke accented with a blue ribbon. The robe is white lace with lace trim and a blue ribbon sash. THe slippers are white felt with blue ribbon under lace.

This is a very hard to find ensemble! The robe is found most often (usually without the blue ribbon), then the nightgown. The slippers are very, very hard to find.

However, when it is found, it shouldn't be all that expensive. There doesn't appear to be much demand for this among collectors and therefore doesn't command very high prices.

When it is found, there is often yellowing present - it should be pure white.

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