Vintage Barbie The Lace Caper

Vintage Barbie The Lace Caper
1970 - 1971

White Lace Blouse
White Lace Pants
Hot Pink Sheer Cape
Hot Pink Pilgrim Shoes

The top and pants are made of a diamond lace pattern white fabric. The body of the tunic top and pant section of the pants are lined with a white tricot. The sleeves of the top and legs of the pants are sheer. The tunic top is trimmed in a floral braid. The long pink sheer nylon cape has a tie at the neck.

I have seen the cape much less than the pants set, which leads me to believe that it is harder to find. It is very prone to show signs of wear because t is so sheer and delicate. The white pieces seem to hold up fairly well, but being white are prone to show dirt very easily.

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