Vintage Barbie Undergarments

Vintage Barbie Undergarments #919 (1959-1962)

Blue Bra
Blue Panties
Blue Half Slip
Blue Girdle

Done in a soft blue tricot, including an embroidered girdle (why did Barbie need a girdle?)!

Because the ensemble was make for three years, the pieces are pretty easy to find, but it can be hard to find with the elastic intact in the strapless bra, panties and slip. On many pieces it is stretched out or down right disintegrated. The tag is found in the straight half slip, which has a ruffle on the bottom The shoes pictured are from a later pak ensemble. This was the first of many variations of lingerie – the half slip was later done in other colors.

These same items (minus the girdle) were repeated in Fashion Pak Lingerie Pak (1962-1963)

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