Vintage Barbie Wild 'n Wonderful

Vintage Barbie Wild 'n Wonderful
1968 - 1969

Geometric Multi-Color Print  Top with Matching Mini-skirt
Orange Plastic Panties
Orange High Strapped Sandals

This wild Mod geometric print is Hot Pink, Electric Orange, Turquoise & Chartreuse Green. 

The top is a sleeveless blouse with a stand up collar and 3 gold bead buttons. 

The mini-skirt also has gold bead buttons. a tiny patch pocket 

The orange plastic panties have an elastic waist that is prone to show much wear & tear - it is not uncommon for it to be completely stretched out.

The very hard to find knee high sandals are made of orange vinyl - they have cut outs & gold beads and there is a difference between the right & left.

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