Vintage Color Magic Barbie Doll

Doll Name:
Vintage Color Magic Barbie Doll

Model #:

Box Date:

Issue Date:

Hair Colors:
Golden Blonde, Changes to Scarlet Flame
Midnight, Changes to Ruby Red

Blue eyes, brown eyebrows, yellow, peach or raspberry lips and blush

One-piece Multicolor Diamond Print Swimsuit
Multicolor Diamond Print Headband
Turquoise Bobby Pin
4 Hair Ribbons
3 Colored Bobby Pins
Light Blue Tulle Tie
Color Changer A & B
Sponge Applicator


Body Markings:
Mattel, Inc.
U.S. Patented
U.S. Pat.Pend
Made In Japan

On head rim:
Copyr. © 1958 Mattel Inc.

The Color Magic Barbie has the same face and body as the American Girl.  She has bendable legs.

Some Color Magic Barbie are considered "high color" with very vivid makeup.  These are generally more valuable.

The color changing solution altered both the hair and swimsuit colors.

The Midnight Color Magic has been found NRFB (Never Removed From Box) with hair changed to Midnight Ruby on its own.

The plastic box converts into a closet.

This is one of the hardest to find, and therefore most expensive vintage Barbie dolls.

In 1966 there was a Color Magic Designer Set and a Color Magic Fashion Fun set.  In 1967 five more Color Magic ensembles were released.

Mattel issued a Color Magic Barbie Reproduction in 2004.

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