Vintage Ken Tuxedo

Vintage Ken Tuxedo
(1961 - 1965)

Black Tuxedo Jacket and Pants
White Tuxedo Shirt
Burgundy Bow Tie
Burgundy Cumberbund
Black Knit Socks
Black Shoes
White Fabric Flower Corsage (for Barbie)

This is one of the most, if not the most, sought after vintage Ken ensembles for the early years.  It is a very classy and elegant ensemble that looks absolutely wonderful displayed on Ken along with a Vintage Barbie doll modeling one of her lovely formal gowns.

Ken's tux jacket is fully lined and has satin lapels and a white boutonniere.  His tuxedo shirt has 3 pearl buttons.  The tux pants have a fly front and satin side stripes.  The white corsage is very, very hard to find.

Reproductions: 2009 Ken & Barbie Wedding Day Gift Set

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