Vintage Skipper Masquerade

Vintage Skipper Masquerade
(1964 - 1965)

Yellow and Black Short Dress with Black Tulle Trim
Black Panties
Yellow and Black Felt Hat with Black Pompon
Black Mask
Black Flats with Yellow Pompons

Barbie and Ken had matching costumes.  Barbie's is Masquerade #944 (1963-1964) .

Although Barbie and Skipper's outfits look almost the same, Barbie's is a one-piece with a halter-type top that ties in the back and Skipper's is a 2-piece dress with sleeves and snap closures in the back.

This ensemble is fairly easy to find - the Black Panties will frequently have problems with the elastic in the waist.  The Invitation is very hard to find.

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