Vintage Skipper School Days

Vintage Skipper School Days
1964 - 1965

Pink Knit Cardigan Sweater with Four Gold Buttons
Pink or White Knee Socks
Black Flat Shoes
White Cotton Blouse
Pink Flannel Skirt
Wooden Bowl of Yarn with Two Knitting Needles

This coordinates with the Barbie ensemble Knitting Pretty (Pink) #957 (1964)

This is one of the easiest outfits to find for Skipper.  The sweater usually poses the biggest problems, as it is probe to holes and tears.  The blouse and skirt are very sturdy and hold up well.  Often the blouse will be found dirty or dingy, but it is can safely be washed by hand or with an OxiClean soak.

In my experience, the pink socks are the rarer of the two colors and it is also the color usually preferred by collectors, so it can be harder to find the pink socks.

In 2007, a School Days reproduction was included in the Barbie & Skipper Knitting Pretty Gift Set, which features the first Skipper doll reproduction.

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