Vintage Twist and Turn Skipper Doll

Vintage Twist and Turn Skipper Doll (1968 - 1970)

There were three different versions of TNT Skipper. In 1969, her hair style changed to sausage curl pigtails.

Model #:

Blue eyes with rooted eyelashes, brown eyebrows, deep pink lips and cheeks

Clear X Stand

Body Markings:
©1967 Mattel, Inc.
U.S. Patd.
U.S. Pats.Pend
Made In Taiwan
(Note: The very first TNT Skipper Dolls were made in Japan and will be marked Japan instead of Taiwan.)

Twist and Turn dolls have a twistable waist and are called TNT by collectors.

1969 TNT Skipper Doll 1970 TNT Skipper Doll 1971 TNT Skipper Doll
Year: 1968 1969 1970
Box Date: 1968 1969 1969
Hair Colors: Pale Blonde
Ash Blonde
Titian (red)
Gold Blonde
Brunette (Java Brown)
Gold Blonde
Brunette (Java Brown)
Clothing: One-piece turquoise and pink swimsuit with turquoise pleated skirt and gold bead buttons
Turquoise Headband
(See note below about variations)
One piece orange and red checked swimsuit trimmed with orange ruffle skirt Two piece swimsuit - Sheer floral top trimmed with yellow vinyl and attached orange bra top with orange vinyl bottoms

There were two versions of the original TNT Skipper's swimsuit -
one with multi-colored striped on a white background and
one with hot pink and dark blue stripes.

There were also versions with woven fabric and also with knit fabric.

Like the American Girl Barbie, some of the earlier TNT Skippers (with straight hair) have what is called "high color", meaning they have more noticeable or darker blush on their cheeks. These dolls are more desirable to collectors and are generally more valuable.

Skipper Perfectly Pretty Set Sears Exclusive #1546 (1968)

This is a very hard to find Sears Exclusive Gift Set from 1968.

It included a TNT Skipper wearing her one piece blue and pink skirted swimsuit and an exclusive ensemble that included:
Sleeveless Dress with Dropped Waist with a White Cotton Bodice and a Ruffle created with Ribbon and Lace, Hot Pink Ribbon Belt and Turquoise Blue Velvet Skirt
Turquoise Blue Velvet Empire Waist Coat with Matching Vinyl Belt and Gold Buckle
Turquoise Velvet Bonnet Style Hat with Ribbon Tie
Turquoise Flat Shoes

This set is considered very rare and is therefore quite valuable. 

Skipper Bright 'n Breezy Gift Set, Sears Exclusive #1590 (1969)

This Sear's Gift Set from 1969 is also hard to find.

It included a TNT Skipper with Sausage Curls and her One piece orange and red skirted swim suit and an exclusive ensemble that consisted of:
Turquoise Blue Culotte/Romper with Green Yarn Trim and Green Faux Leather Bow at the Waist
Green Faux Leather Coat with Blue Faux Fur Collar and Cuffs
Green Flat Shoes

This ensemble is sometimes referred to as "Wow! What a Cool Outfit" because that is what it was called in the 1968 Sear's Christmas Catalog.

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