Wedding Day Vintage Barbie Reproduction

1997 Wedding Day Vintage Barbie Reproduction

This is a reproduction of Barbie's first (of many) bridal gowns - Wedding Day Set #972 (1959-1962) .  Although it is a very pretty doll and ensemble, to me it does not resemble the original gown very much.

The original is a very delicate lace and satin gown.  The reproduction is a much thicker fabric with very heavy flocking.  It just doesn't seem to have the same "look and feel" to me.

Most of the originals I have seen have aged to a beautiful off white with a beautiful patina to the satin. The newer ones are bright pure white.

The ensemble included all of the original accessories and came with either a red head or lemon blonde reproduction ponytail Barbie doll.

Wedding Day Set was reproduced again in 2009 Ken & Barbie Wedding Day Gift Set

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