History of Barbie's Careers in Space

On August 4, 2013 I Can Be Space Explorer Barbie was introduced. Mattel worked with NASA to create her to celebrate the first anniversary of NASA's Curiosity rover landing on Mars.

However, this isn't the first of Barbie's Career in Space. Always the trend setter, she has been Space Traveling for 48 years! From Astronaut to Star Trek crew and even Goddess of the Galaxy, she's done it all! Let's take a look at her history in outer space.

1965 Miss Astronaut

Barbie's long career in space began in 1965, in fact, it was one of her very first careers. Four years before the first moon walk, Miss Astronaut was an ensemble for Barbie and there was a matching Mr. Astronaut suit for Ken.

A great tribute to the enormous success and popularity of the space program in the 1960s, they have always been very popular with vintage collectors.

You can see more pictures and details   here.

1985 Astronaut Barbie

Barbie's space career didn't see any more action until the Superstar era.

This version is totally 1980s. It was completely in fashion in 1985, today it really does look like it is from outer space!

She came in an African American version as well:

She has what is known as the "Hispanic" Head Mold, which is the face Mattel used for African American Barbie dolls from 1982 through 1986.


1985 Astronaut Barbie
1985 Astronaut Barbie in box

She is dressed in a totally 80s Fuchsia and Silver metallic bodysuit top and matching fuchsia pants with a silver belt.

Her top has a turtleneck and Barbie applique on the bodice. She came with a matching mini-skirt, a wide fuchsia belt, silver tights, fuchsia over the knee boots, silver purse, clear helmet, silver backpack, flagpole, a pointed pink brush, a sheet of stickers and a sheet of cardboard punch-outs.

Her model number is #1207 and her body is marked:

© Mattel Inc 1966

The inner head rim is marked :

Blonde doll:
© Mattel Inc, 1976
African American doll:
© Mattel Inc, 1983

Here is the TV commercial for 1985 Astronaut Barbie:

1994 Astronaut Barbie

The 1994 edition was a Toys R Us Exclusive and was done to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon walk. She is wearing a white vinyl 1 piece jumpsuit/fly suit trimmed in red and silver, a helmet, neck ring, red stud earrings, red ring and silver boots.

She came with a Barbie flag, a backpack, a moon rock bag, 3 moon rocks, earphones, a red oval brush, an Apollo XXV badge (child size), a sheet of cardboard punchouts and a sheet of stickers.

Her model number is #12149 and her body is marked:

© Mattel Inc 1966
ChinaThe blonde doll uses the Superstar mold and her head rim is marked:
© Mattel Inc, 1976
African American doll uses the Christie mold and her head rim is marked:
© Mattel Inc, 1987

1994 Astronaut Barbie
1994 African American Astronaut Barbie

1996 Barbie and Ken Star Trek Gift Set

Ken and Barbie celebrated Star Trek's 30th anniversary in 1996 by joining Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock aboard the Star Ship Enterprise.

This was the first gift set designed by noted designer. It is in the long running Pop Culture series.

Barbie an Engineering Officer and is wearing a short red dress with black trim. She has a Star Trek Badge and a a black shoulder strap Tricorder. She is wearing black hose and black boots and has a Communicator in her hand. Her dress sleeves are trimmed in gold and she has gold hoop earrings and a golden ring.

Officer Ken is wearing a gold knit shirt with gold sleeve and black neck trim and a Star Trek badge. He has black pants and shoes and is carrying a phaser.

1996 Barbie and Ken Star Trek Gift Set

he box featured pictures of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

2009 Star Trek Dolls

Mattel released three Star Trek dolls in 2009. These pink label dolls were designed by Bill Greening and are a part of the Barbie Loves Pop Culture series. They included:
Barbie as Lt. Uhura - She is made in the likeness of Zoe Saldana who played Lt. Uhura in the 2009 Star Trek XI movie. She is an African American doll wearing a red textured knit mini dress with the Star Trek insignia and black boots. She has a phaser in her hand.
Ken as Captain Kirk is wearing a gold textured knit shirt with the Star Trek insignia, black pants and shoes.
Ken as Mr. Spock is dressed in a blue textured knit top with the Star Trek insignia and black slacks and shoes. He has the Spock ears and eye brows.

2009 Star Trek XI Barbie and Ken Dolls
2009 Star Trek XI Barbie and Ken Dolls in Boxes

2010 Miss Astronaut Vintage Reproduction

2010 Barbie Miss Astronaut Vintage Reproduction

This reproduction was released in late 2009 as a 2010 doll. It is part of the "My Favorite Barbie" series that was part of Barbie's 50th anniversary commemoration. It was designed by Bill Greening.  You can find more information here.

2010 Barbie Miss Astronaut Vintage Reproduction Back of Box

2011 Goddess of the Galaxy

In 2011, Barbie became the Goddess of the Galaxy!

Bill Greening designed this Gold Label doll, which means no more than 4200 dolls were made worldwide. She was a Barbie Fan Club Exclusive Doll, meaning she was only sold to club members.

Barbie takes "over the top" to a new level in her black and metallic silver ensemble complete with cape, arm and leg cuffs and thigh-high platform boots. Perhaps she was inspired by Lady Gaga?

2011 Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie in Box
2011 Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie

2011 I Can Be Astronaut Fashion

This is a fashion that was released as part of the play line "I Can Be" series in 2011.

2011 I Can Be Astronaut Fashion 2011 I Can Be Astronaut Fashion Loose

2013 Mars Explorer Barbie

Mars Explorer Barbie was introduced August 4, 2013 as a joint collaboration with NASA in commemoration of the first anniversary of NASA's Curiosity rover landing on Mars.

It seems Barbie has almost come full circle with this one, as it seems to be directly inspired by the original Miss Astronaut created 48 years before.

This time she is pushing the envelope a little farther by being the first person to go to Mars!

She is wearing a shiny, white jumpsuit with metallic pink trim and has boots, a pink helmet and air tank. Her jumpsuit has a black Barbie logo. Her pink helmet has a clear face visor.

She is available in both blonde and African American versions.

2013 Mars Explorer Barbie
2013 Mars Explorer Barbie in Box 2013 Mars Explorer Barbie

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