Hair Happenin's Francie

Hair Happenin's Francie
1970 - 1972

Came with four hair pieces so you can change the style of her hair.

Model #:

Issue Date:
1970, 1971 and 1972

Box Date:

Francie head
Inner Rim marked:
© 1965 Mattel Inc (May also have country name)

Blonde center parted hair with bangs, chin length. Turquoise ribbon headband.
Some dolls - some even NRFB (never removed from box) - have a lavender headband/ribbon. I do not know if this is a variation, or if the original turquoise ribbon faded/oxidized to lavender.

Brown eyes with rooted eyelashes
light brown eye brows
deep pink lips and blush

Turquoise Blue Mini Dress with White Crochet Sleeves and Bodice, Attached Panties
Clear Turquoise Soft Heels

Hair Pieces:
(All hair pieces are blonde)
Mini Curls - Topknot with Large Curls
Swingy Swirl - Double flip curls on headband with orange ribbon
Twisty Twirls - Braid on headband with two banana curls and pink yarn bows
Fluffy Whirl - Green riccon headband with short curls

Clear X-Stand

Body Markings:
Pink Francie TNT Body marked:
Mattel, Inc.
U.S. Patented
U.S. Pat. Pend
Made In Japan

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