Vintage Ken Casuals

(1961 - 1964)

Yellow Knit Shirt (1961-1963) or
Multi-striped Knit Shirt (1964)
Khaki Pants
Red Cap
Multi-color Striped Socks
Brown and White Shoes
Car Keys with "K" Insignia

The shirt is a pullover knit shirt. His khaki pants are un-cuffed and have a zipper front fly.

The stripe shirt from 1964 is much harder to find than the yellow shirt and the keys can be hard to find.

The brown and white shoes are fairly easy to find. The white is painted on and is prone to wear off, so make sure to check the white paint. If it is peeling off, it can be easily repainted with a little acrylic paint.

The bottom of both shoes should be marked Japan.

The keys and key chain are made of brass and almost always tarnished. They consist of a charm with a "K", 2 keys and a chain.

The red cap was also included in Rally Day #788 (1962 - 1964) and a 1962 Fashion Pak and is easy to find.

In the 1961 Mattel dealer catalog, this ensemble was pictured with a yellow knit shirt with an open neck with red trim. (It looks similar to the style of the white knit shirt from Time for Tennis #790 (1962 - 1963) and Fraternity Meeting #1408 (1964) to me.) It was also shown like this in a Barbie TV ad - but to my knowledge, one of these has never been found.

These are from three different Barbie booklets, showing Casuals.

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