Vintage Ken Doll With Flocked Hair

Vintage Ken Doll With Flocked Hair (1961)

Vintage Ken Doll With Flocked Hair

Model #: 750
Issue Date: 1961
Box Date: 1961
Hair Colors: Blonde or Brunette
Face: Blue eyes, brown eyebrows, mauve lips
Clothing: Solid Red Shorts - Knit or Cotton
Yellow Towel
Red & White Stripe jacket
Red Cork Sandals
Stand: Black Wire Stand
Body Markings: Ken T.M.


This is the very first Ken and he had flocked or fuzzy hair.  It is very prone to rub off in spots.  It is rare to find a Flocked Hair Ken with no rubs.  He has a Straight Leg (SL) body. 

The yellow towel and red and white stripe terry jacket were not included in the earliest issues.

Some have painted legs (rare).  This body tends to get very pale (like the very early Barbie Dolls).

Reproductions: 2006 45th Anniversary Ken Doll
2009 Ken & Barbie Wedding Day Gift Set

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