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Ricky doll was introduced in 1965 - due to Skipper's tremendous popularity, in 1965 she got two same size friends - Skooter and Ricky. Ricky was "the boy next door" and all three were playmates. Vintage Ricky DollAll three dolls have the exact same body and it can be interchanged between dolls and they can all wear the same clothes. Ricky is one of the few Vintage Barbie friends/family to have his own wardrobe (for obvious reasons). In all, he had six ensembles - all are described below.

Model #:

Issue Date:

Box Date:

Hair Colors:
Painted Red

Vintage Ricky Doll FaceFace:
Blue eyes, reddish brown freckles and eyebrows, peach lips and cheeks

Shades of Blue, Red and White Striped Beach Jacket with White Terry Cloth Collar
Blue Swim Shorts
Red Cork Sandals

Black Wire Stand

Body Markings:
Mattel, Inc.

Head Markings:
(On inner rim of head) Copyr.© 1963 Mattel, Inc.

The first Ricky dolls had a tan skin tone, which was changed to a pink skin tone later. The pink skin tone dolls can fade and look pale.

Vintage Ricky Doll Booklet

Ricky Doll Clothing

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Ricky's Clothing

Ricky Doll Fashions were sold from 1965 through 1967. A total of six ensembles were made for him. (Details are below.) Ricky Doll Fashions

Ricky Doll Fashion Let's Explore #1506 (1966 - 1967) Let's Explore #1506 (1966 - 1967)
Red, Charcoal Gray and White Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt with 3 Black Buttons
Grey Zippered Slacks
Red Socks
Black Shoes

Ricky Doll Lights Out #1501 (1965 - 1967) Lights Out #1501 (1965 - 1967)
Yellow 2-piece Cotton Pajamas with White Collar and "R" Initial on Pocket
Ricky Doll Lights Out  VariationBlue Terry Bathrobe - there are two different variations - one is a darker blue, both are pictured
Blue Terry Slippers

Ricky Doll Little Leaguer #1504 (1965 - 1967) Little Leaguer #1504 (1965 - 1967)
Red Knit Shirt with Large Navy Blue Stripe
Blue Jeans with Zipper
Red Baseball Cap with White "M"
Brown Plastic Catcher's Mitt
Red Socks with Navy Blue Bands
White Tennis Shoes

Ricky Saturday Show #1502 (1965) Saturday Show #1502 (1965)
White Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt
Red Tie
Khaki Slacks
Red Socks
Black Shoes

Ricky Skateboard Set #1505 (1966 - 1967) Skateboard Set #1505 (1966 - 1967)
White Short Sleeve Shirt with Red and Grey Pinstripes and 4 Red Buttons
White Cotton Shorts with Zipper
Tan Skateboard with Painted Red Stripe
White Socks
White Tennis Shoes

Ricky Sunday Suit #1503 (1965) Sunday Suit #1503 (1965)
Red, Black and Grey Striped Blazer with Black Collar and 3 Buttons
White Short Sleeve Cotton Dress Shirt
Black Slacks
Red Socks
Black Shoes

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