Vintage Skipper Can You Play?

Vintage Skipper Can You Play?

Blue Sleeveless Dress with Red Spots And Tiny White Dots with Ruffled Collar and Hem
Matching Scarf And Panties
Red Flat Shoes
White Ball
Red and White Jump Rope

This is possibly one of the best known Skipper ensembles. Her medium blue dress has big red dots with tiny white dots inside them. It also has a red around the neck and the hem with white dots ruffle . Her panties and scarf are made of the same fabric as the ruffle. While this dress is fairly easy to find, the scarf and especially the jump rope and ball can be more of a challenge to acquire. The dress and scarf are made of a very sturdy fabric and are usually in very good condition when found.

I think this particular ensemble is more associated with Skooter than Skipper, as Skooter seems to appear in more photographs wearing this outfit.

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