Vintage Skipper Let's Play House

Vintage Skipper Let's Play House

White Dress with Blue Hearts And Flowers, Turquoise Blue Collar and Cuffs
Turquoise Pinafore with Heart Print Pockets and 3 Handkerchiefs - Yellow, Lime Green, Pink
Turquoise Flat Shoes
Baby In Diaper and Cradle
Nursery Rhymes Book

This is such a cute ensemble. The white long sleeve dress has a blue heart print and turquoise blue collar and cuffs. The collar has a white lace trim. Skipper's pinafore is made of the same blue fabric as the collars and cuffs and the pockets on the front of the pinafore are made from the same fabric as the dress. In her pockets, she has three handkerchiefs in three different colors. She also has a tiny baby wearing a diaper with a cradle and a nursery rhymes book. 

As with most vintage ensembles, the accessories are much harder to find the clothing pieces. With this outfit, the dress is much easier to find even than the pinafore and both of those are easier to find than the accessories.

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