Vintage Skipper Rainy Day Checkers

Vintage Skipper Rainy Day Checkers

Long Sleeve White, Red, Navy Blue, Green Plaid Dress with White Lace Collar and Cuffs
Red Vest with 4 Gold Buttons
Red Tights
Black Flat Shoes
Checkerboard with Set of 20 Checkers

If you are a girl who grew up in the 1960s there is probably a very good chance you address similar to this one. This is what girls dresses looked like in this era and girls wore dresses most of the time. This plaid dress has white lace trim collar and cuffs and a pleated skirt. It has a red felt vest vest worn over it that has four tiny gold bead buttons.

It came with red nylon tights (not pantyhose - there are two separate red stockings) and black flat shoes (rather than the red ones pictured), as well as a checker set with a checkerboard and black and red checkers.

Even though it was only made for one year, it is fairly easy to find. I imagine it was very popular when it was released and they always seem to be available now.

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