Vintage Skipper Tea Party

Vintage Skipper Tea Party

Yellow Sleeveless Dress with Black and White Daisies and Ruffled Hem
Yellow Flat Shoes
2 Place mats
2 Turquoise Plates
2 Turquoise Cups and Saucers
2 Spoons
2 Cake Slices

It looks like Skipper borrowed big sis Barbie's teapot from Invitation To Tea #1632 (1965) - it is the same silver teapot with a raised B.

This dress is cute as a button and fairly easy to find. The accessories are harder to find - especially the place mats and cake slices. The place mats are white and have fringed ends and yellow and blue stitching. The cake slices look like napkins in most pictures - but there are no napkins. They are made of white Styrofoam with painted on pink decorations.

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