1970 Vintage Skipper Clothes

1970 Vintage Skipper Clothes included twelve ensembles carried over from 1969, twelve new ensembles, six Fashion Pak items, a Sears Exclusive ensemble and a Sears exclusive giftset.  The only Skipper Doll in 1970 was Dramatic Living Skipper. There were no same size friends this year.

1970 Vintage Skipper Clothes:
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Budding Beauty #1731 (1970)
Daisy Crazy #1732 (1970)
Fancy Pants #1738 (1970 - 1971)
Lemon Fluff #1749 (1970 - 1971)
Lots of Lace #1730 (1970)
Pink Princess #1747(1970 - 1971)
Rik Rak Rah #1733 (1970)
Super Slacks #1736 (1970 - 1971)
Triple Treat #1748 (1970 - 1971)
Twice As Nice #1735 (1970 - 1971)
Velvet Blush #1737 (1970 - 1971)
Wooly Winner #1746 (1970 - 1971)

1970 Vintage Skipper Clothes
Sears Exclusives
Living Skipper Doll Very Best Velvet Set #1586 (1970 - 1971)
Young Ideas (1970 - 1971)

1970 Vintage Skipper Dolls Fashion Paks
Happy Times! (1970)
Nighty Night (1970)
Side Lights (1970)
Summer Slacks (1970)
Toe Twinklers (1970)
Undertones (1970)

Vintage Skipper Clothing 1970 - Fancy Pants

1970 Vintage Skipper Clothes in Detail

Here you will find pictures and details of 1970 Vintage Skipper Clothes.  With Skipper becoming a poseable doll for the first time in 1970, her wardrobe offered new options as well.  From casual to sleepy time, the fashions are here for the sharing.  

Budding Beauty #1731 (1970)

Fuchsia Organdy Mini-Dress
White and Multi-Floral Bodice
Lime Ribbon Waistband
Dark Pink or Red Flat Shoes

See Skipper Budding Beauty on eBay.

Daisy Crazy #1732

Hot Pink Mini-Dress with Big Daisy Print on
Yellow Sleeves, Collar and Waist Tie
Daisy Print Socks
Yellow Flat Shoes

Vintage Skipper Daisy Crazy #1732 (1970) NRFB
Vintage Skipper Daisy Crazy #1732 (1970)

See Skipper Daisy Crazy on eBay.

1970 - 1971
Fancy Pants #1738

Light Blue with Pastel Floral Print Ruffled Capri-Pants
Matching Ruffled Top with Hot Pink Vinyl Empire Bodice
Light Blue Shorts
Hot Pink Vinyl Bag with Three Yellow Daisies
Light Blue Flat Shoes

Vintage Skipper Fancy Pants #1738 (1970 - 1971) NRFB

See Skipper Fancy Pants on eBay.

Vintage Skipper Fancy Pants #1738 (1970 - 1971)

1970 - 1971
Lemon Fluff #1749

Yellow Plush Fur Robe with Yellow Satin Ribbon and Two Daisies At The Ends
Yellow Tricot 2-Piece Bell Bottom Pajamas with White Lace Trim
Yellow Furry Slippers

Vintage Skipper Lemon Fluff #1749 (1970 - 1971) NRFB

See Skipper Lemon Fluff on eBay.

Scooter wearing Vintage Skipper Lemon Fluff #1749 (1970 - 1971)

Lots of Lace #1730

Mini-Dress with Green Velvet Bodice
White Lace Skirt
Lime Velvet Waistband and Bow
Lace Panty Hose
Lime Green Flat Shoes

Vintage Skipper Lots of Lace #1730 (1970) NRFB

See Skipper Lots of Lace on eBay.

Vintage Skipper Lots of Lace #1730 (1970)

1970 - 1971
Pink Princess #1747

Pink Mini-Dress with Lace Trim and Three Gold Buttons
Lime Green Crepe Short Coat
Coat Trimmed With Pink Velvet Ribbon and Gold Button
Light Pink Plush Fur Hat
Pink Sheer Panty Hose
Light Pink Flat Shoes
Pink Princess Telephone

Vintage Skipper Pink Princess #1747(1970 - 1971) NRFB

See Skipper Pink Princess on eBay.

Living Skipper wearing Pink Princess #1747(1970 - 1971)

Rik Rak Rah #1733

Blue Cotton Romper with Yellow and White Rick Rack Trim
Mini-Skirt with White, Blue Stripes and Yellow Rick Rack
Yellow Vinyl Suspenders with 2 Yellow Buttons
Blue Flat Shoes

Vintage Skipper Rik Rak Rah #1733 (1970) NRFB

See Skipper Rik Rak Rah on eBay.

1970 - 1971
Super Slacks #1736

White Cotton Blouse with White Lace Trim
Red Pants with White Floral Print
Red Vinyl Suspenders
Matching Hat with Red Vinyl Bill
Red Flat Shoes

Vintage Skipper Super Slacks #1736 (1970 - 1971) NRFB
Scooter Wearing Skipper Super Slacks #1736 (1970 - 1971)

See Skipper Super Slacks on eBay.

1970 - 1971
Triple Treat #1748

Turquoise Velveteen Short Jacket with Pearl Buttons
Turquoise Velveteen Pants with Turquoise, Hot Pink, Green Abstract Print Waistband
Mini-Dress with Matching Abstract Print Empire Bodice
Turquoise Velveteen Skirt with White Lace Hem
Hot Pink Knit Top
Abstract Print Scarf
Pink Knee-Socks
Blue Flat Shoes

Vintage Skipper Triple Treat #1748 (1970 - 1971)

 See Skipper Triple Treat on eBay.

There are two variations of this outfit - two different abstract prints were used - both from other Barbie family outfits.

From Barbie's Swirly Cue Dress.

Vintage Skipper Triple Treat #1748 (1970 - 1971) with Barbie's Swirly Cue Fabric

From Black Francie's Swimsuit.

Living Skipper wearing Triple Treat #1748 (1970 - 1971) with Black Francie's Swimsuit Fabric

This NRFB version of Triple Treat sold for $250 in January, 2013.

Vintage Skipper Triple Treat #1748 (1970 - 1971) NRFB

1970 - 1971
Twice As Nice #1735

Pink and Blue Felt Sleeveless Mini-Dress
Pink and Blue Felt Short Coat
Pink Felt Hat with Pompom
Blue Flat Shoes

Vintage Skipper Twice As Nice #1735 (1970 - 1971)

See Skipper Twice As Nice on eBay.

1970 - 1971
Velvet Blush #1737

Red Velour Mini-Dress with White Organdy Collar and Cuffs
White Lace Flower Trim
White Organdy Waistband with Bow
White Lace Hose
White Flat Shoes

Vintage Skipper Velvet Blush #1737 (1970 - 1971) NRFB
Vintage Skipper Velvet Blush #1737 (1970 - 1971)

See Skipper Velvet Blush on eBay.

1970 - 1971
Wooly Winner #1746

Mini-Dress with Yellow Bodice
Royal, Red, Yellow Plaid Skirt
Red Wool Short Coat with Royal Blue Vinyl Trim
Matching Red Wool Hat with Royal Vinyl Trim
Red Vinyl Shoulder Bag
Royal Blue Knee-Socks
Royal Blue Ankle Boots

Vintage Skipper Wooly Winner #1746 (1970 - 1971)
Vintage Skipper Wooly Winner #1746 (1970 - 1971)

See Skipper Wooly Winner on eBay.

Sears Exclusive
Vintage Skipper Clothes

Take a look at these Sears Exclusive 1970 Vintage Skipper Clothes.

1970 - 1971
Living Skipper Doll
Very Best Velvet Set #1586

Dramatic New Living Skipper Doll in Original Swimsuit

Orange Velvet Dress with Yellow Organdy Flounce Trimmed with Blue Ribbon at Hem

Orange Velvet Coat With Yellow Satin Lining and Orange & Yellow Plastic Belt

Yellow Pantyhose Yellow Flat Shoes

This outfit is very hard to find.

Vintage Skipper Living Skipper Very Best Velvet Set #1586 (1970 - 1971)

See Very Best Velvet on eBay.

Skipper Very Best Velvet Gift Set Box #1586 (1970 - 1971)

1970 - 1971
Young Ideas
Sears Exclusive

Faux Fur Coat with Vinyl Trim
Sleeveless Dress with Rick-rack Trim
Satin Ribbon Waistband
Mini-Skirt with Vinyl Waistband
Sleeveless Knit Shell
Ruffled Top
Knit Knee-Socks (always the same fabric as the shell)
Two Pairs of Shoes
Party Invitation
Golden Wrapped Gift
Jump Rope

Skipper wearing Young Ideas (1970 - 1971)

There is an almost endless supply of fabric variations in this ensemble. It appears the pieces are made from left over fabric from various Barbie and Skipper outfits.

Only the faux fur coat has a tag - the other pieces are untagged.

Some collectors enjoy collecting the different variations that can be found.

See Skipper Young Ideas on eBay.

1970 Vintage Skipper Clothes Fashion Paks

Check out the six Skipper Fashion Paks here that were issued in 1970.

Happy Times!

Blue Molded Boots and Vinyl Cap
Pink and Blue Record Player with Record
Jump Rope
Stack Of Books with Black Vinyl Book Strap

1970 Fashion Pak
Vintage Skipper Nighty Night

Blue and White Polka-Dot Short Pajamas with Lace Trim
Yellow Scuffs
Princess Telephone
Paper Mirror with Face On Back

Vintage Skipper Nighty Night (1970 Fashion Pak)

See Skipper Nighty Night on eBay. 

Side Lights

Yellow Knit Tam with Pompon
Hot Pink Vinyl Purse with 3 Yellow Flowers
Yellow Belt
Yellow with Pink Striped Belt
Pink Plastic Link Belt
Gold Chain Belt

Vintage Skipper Side Lights (1970 Fashion Pak)

See Skipper Side Lights on eBay.

Summer Slacks

One-Piece Jumpsuit
Vinyl Belt

There are many different variations of colors and fabrics,
some use fabric from other Barbie & friends ensembles.

Vintage Skipper Summer Slacks (1970 Fashion Pak)
Skipper Summer Slacks (1970) Variation

See Skipper Summer Slacks on eBay.

Toe Twinklers

Clear Boots with Red Trim
Red, Pink and Green Go-GO Boots
Turquoise, Red, Pink and Navy Flat Shoes

Vintage Skipper Toe Twinklers (1970 Fashion Pak)

See Skipper Toe Twinklers on eBay.


Blue, Pink, Yellow and White Panties
Two Pairs Of Hose

Vintage Skipper Undertones (1970 Fashion Pak)

See Skipper Undertones on eBay.

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