Delphine Silkstone Barbie

Delphine Silkstone Barbie was the first dressed doll in the Barbie Fashion Model Collection. She was issued in 2000.

Delphine Barbie has blonde hair and pink lips. She is wearing a strapless blue taffeta gown with an asymmetrical back bow and draped train. The drape of the gown has pink flowers as accents (they match Barbie's pink lips). She also has a white faux fur stole that is lined in pink satin.

With the side draping strapless gown and white fur stole lined in pink satin, I always think that of this must have been inspired by Barbie's Vintage ensemble Enchanted Evening from 1960.

You may see some sellers advertising an "error box" Delphine. Actually they are ALL errors boxes - the word Genuine is misspelled as Geninue on all of the Delphine boxes. So the error is not "rare" and does not make it more valuable.

There was a Delphine Barbie Hallmark Christmas Ornament released in 2005.

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