Friday Night Dream Date
Barbie and Ken Gift Set

2006 Friday Night Dream Date Barbie and Ken Gift Set is the first vintage reproduction two doll gift set.  It features Vintage Barbie Friday Night Date #979 (1960-1964) and Vintage Ken Dreamboat #785 (1961 - 1963).

The Barbie is a wonderful reproduction of a #5 Vintage Barbie Doll from 1961, when the titian (red) hair was first introduced, with curly bangs and big red lips.  The Ken Doll has blonde flocked hair, a reproduced Vintage Ken Doll With Flocked Hair, also from 1961.

The box features original artwork from Barbie's vintage Go-Together furniture sets, reprinted vintage illustrations and a CD of the original "Barbie Sings" 45. 

This is a Gold Label, Limited Edition release.  Mattel hit the ball out of the park with this set - it very highly recommended for vintage collectors!

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