Nite Lightning Vintage Stacey
Gift Set Reproduction

2006 Nite Lightning Vintage Stacey Gift Set Reproduction

The original Nite Lightening Stacey Doll Gift Set was a Sears exclusive from 1969.

This reproduction was released in 2006 as Gold Label, Mattel Direct Collector Exclusive, only 7,700 sets were made.

The reproduced set is a true reproduction, very well done, and includes a Copper Penny TNT Stacey Doll in her original swim suit with rooted eyelashes.

The back of the box reads: "In the swinging 60's, London was the center of cool and the British invasion was on. Everything was groovy and Barbie doll, always the hipster, was following the mod mood with her new friend from across the pond.

It's time once again to say "Cheerio, Luv" to a favorite 1969 design by Carol Spencer - Nite Lightning Stacey doll. This wonderful recreation includes a fabulous ensemble of electric satin and metallic "shag" dress, and blue hose and shoes. This version features a reproduction of the original package, lid including the striking, stylized illustration from 1969. Inside, you'll find a reprinting of the original booklet (slightly modified). Blimey - it's fab to have Nite Lightning Stacey back again!! "

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