Stacey Nite Lightning

Stacey Nite Lightning
(1969) - Sears Exclusive Gift Set

TNT Stacey Doll with Multi-Color Swimsuit
Short Dress with Hot Pink Satin Bodice and Multi-Color Skirt
Blue Satin Evening Coat
Blue Hose
Blue Bow Shoes

This is a very desirable, hard to find and therefore expensive gift set that originally sold in the Sear's 1969 Christmas catalog for $6.99!

The dress has a blue satin waistband accented with rhinestone accented flower. The skirt is made of multi-color striped "eyelash" fabric.

The evening coat also has a rhinestone accented flower.

The coat has a Black and White Cloth Tag that reads:

Made in Japan

In 2006, Mattel released a Nite Lightning Reproduction.

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