Red White 'n Warm
Vintage Barbie Reproduction

2007 Red White 'n Warm Vintage Barbie Reproduction features a reproduction TNT Barbie doll with a flip (or Marlo Thomas) hairstyle.  It is a Gold Label Collectible Barbie Doll - limited to no more than 5900 dolls worldwide - from the Vintage Barbie Reproduction Collection.

Like the ultra-rare Red White 'n Warm Vintage Christie Reproduction, Barbie is wearing a reproduction of the Mod ensemble - Red White 'n Warm #1491 (1969 - 1970).  It includes a white vinyl coat with faux white fur, a matching fur trimmed hat and white vinyl boots with gold ankle chains and faux fur trim.  Underneath it is a sleeveless color block dress in orange and hot pink.  Like the original, Barbie has a TNT waist, bendable legs and long rooted eyelashes.

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