Red White 'n Warm
Vintage Christie Reproduction

2007 Red White 'n Warm Vintage Christie Reproduction is a Platinum Edition (limited to 999 dolls worldwide) Collectible Barbie Doll that was offered only to Barbie Fan Club Members.  It sold out in under two hours on 9/26/07. The first Christie Doll reproduction, this one is sure to increase in value on the secondary market.

Like the more widely available Red White 'n Warm Vintage TNT Reproduction, Christie is wearing a reproduction of the Mod ensemble - Red White 'n Warm #1491 (1969 - 1970).  It includes a white vinyl coat with faux white fur, a matching fur trimmed hat and white vinyl boots with gold ankle chains and faux fur trim.  Underneath it is a sleeveless color block dress in orange and hot pink.  Like the original, Christie has a TNT waist, bendable legs and long rooted eyelashes.

If you want this doll, I would recommend purchasing her sooner rather than later.  I predict that her secondary market value will increase steadily over the years.

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