Vintage Barbie Senior Prom

Vintage Barbie Senior Prom #951 (1963-1964)

Green Satin Gown
Green Open Toe Heels with Pearls

This is Barbie's glamorous strapless prom gown, and a favorite of vintage collectors.

The gown is emerald green satin with blue satin around the top of the bodice and green and blue tulle overskirt.  The shoes are emerald green open toe heels with pearl accents.

In mint condition, the dress should be full, crisp with lots of body.  You'll notice in the picture on the left, the dress is standing up on its own.  The tulle layers tend to flatten out - they can be easily revived by holding the gown upside down and separating the layers.  If they are wrinkled, they can be steamed.   The shoes are very hard to find.

Campus Sweetheart #1616 (1965) is the same dress done in different colors.

Mattel issued a reproduction of this ensemble in 1997 in the Midge 35th Anniversary gift set.

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