Vintage Barbie Senior Prom

Vintage Barbie Senior Prom is Barbie's glamorous strapless prom gown, and a favorite of vintage collectors.  The gown is emerald green satin with blue satin around the top of the bodice and green and blue tulle overskirt.  The shoes are emerald green open toe heels with pearl accents. 

Vintage Barbie Senior Prom #951

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In mint condition, the dress should be full, crisp with lots of body.  You'll notice in the picture on the left, the dress is standing up on its own.  The tulle layers tend to flatten out - they can be easily revived by holding the gown upside down and separating the layers.  If they are wrinkled, they can be steamed.   The shoes are very hard to find.

Vintage Barbie Senior Prom Collectibles

When a Barbie ensemble generates enough excitement, that interest produces demand.  And when there's demand, there's collectibles featuring the beloved outfit.  From figurines to collectible plates, Mattel rose to the occasion in a beautiful way.

Senior Prom Reproduction.
Mattel issued a reproduction of this ensemble in 1997 with the 
Midge 35th Anniversary gift set.  The ensemble reproduction was the same as 1963 with the exception of adding a replica of a gold purse from that same era.   

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From Barbie With Love Figurine.
Featuring Senior Prom 1963, Enesco released a Limited Edition Porcelain Bisque Musical Figurine embellished with actual fabric accessories.  Part of the Glamour Collection, this collectible was strictly limited to 7,500 numbered pieces.  Each figurine came numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity included.

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Barbie & Ken Senior Prom.
Produced under license from Mattel and a copyright of 1994, Enesco released Barbie & Ken Senior Prom, 1963 Musical figure.  From Barbie with Love collection, this beautiful porcelain piece features Barbie & Ken riding in an orange Austin Healy sports car.  Ponytail Barbie is wearing Senior Prom #951 and Ken is wearing #770 Campus Hero.

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Barbie Senior Prom, 1963 Vase.
From Barbie with Love Collection by Enesco, a head vase was released in 1994.  With beautiful red hair, the face of the 1959-1960 dolls and wearing Vintage Barbie Senior Prom, this striking vase is a great addition to any Barbie collection.

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Vintage Barbie Senior Prom Trading Card.
This Barbie Through The Years 1990 trading card features Barbie Senior Prom in a beautifully artistic way.  While the front of the card focused on showing off the ensemble, the back of the card included a description of the ensemble along with Barbie facts and fun facts as well.

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Collectible Plate.
The 1963 Barbie Senior Prom Porcelain Collector Plate by Susie Morton was issued.  Made by the Danbury Mint in 1990, it was from the High Fashion Barbie Collection and each plate was trimmed in 23kt gold.  This edition was limited to the production capacity of 25 firing days and each plate came with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Fun Fact.
Campus Sweetheart #1616 (1965) is the same dress as Senior Prom, 1963 in different colors.

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