Vintage Barbie Campus Sweetheart

Vintage Barbie Campus Sweetheart

White Satin Strapless Gown with Long Full Skirt with Panels of Pink and Red Tulle
Pink Graduated Pearl Necklace
Red Open Toe Heels
Long White Gloves
Rose Bouquet
Silver Loving Cup Trophy with Raised “B”

This dress is identical to Senior Prom #951 (1963-1964) - only the colors are different.  This one is much harder to find.  It was only made for one year and the white satin bodice is very prone to show wear and soiling.

The strapless gown has snap closures in the back.  The tulle can flatten after all the years, but it is easy to fluff it back up by holding the dress upside down and separating the layers.  The rose bouquet and trophy are very hard to find.

Mattel released a Campus Sweetheart Vintage Barbie Reproduction in 2008.

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