Vintage Barbie Busy Morning

Vintage Barbie Busy Morning

Red-Orange Sundress
Straw Hat with Orange Ribbon
Straw Purse with Fruit
White Open Toe Heels
White Telephone

This colorful sundress was a new variation of one of Barbie's first ensembles, Suburban Shopper #969 (1959-1964).  The two are essentially the same, except the Busy Morning sundress is red-orange instead of blue and the necklace was not included in this later version. 

Vintage Barbie Busy Morning Details

The red-orange version zipped in the back with a metal zipper.  It is much more rare because it was only made for one year.  The hat is especially hard to find and when found the edges are usually frayed.  The hat should also have an attached headband inside to keep it in place.

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