Campus Sweetheart
Vintage Barbie Reproduction

2008 Campus Sweetheart Vintage Barbie Reproduction features a blonde American Girl Barbie wearing Campus Sweetheart #1616 (1965).

The white satin strapless gown with pink and red netting (which is the exact same pattern/style as Senior Prom #951 (1963-1964) is a faithful reproduction of the original, including all of the accessories - Pearl Necklace, Long White Gloves, Rose Bouquet and Silver Trophy.

This is a Gold Label limited production Collector doll, no more than 5900 dolls will be sold worldwide.

From Mattel: Celebrate the homecoming of this classic college tradition, with this collegiate beauty presented in a formal gown of cream satin with pink netting full skirt, Beautiful faux pearls, opera-length gloves, a bouquet of roses and a silvery keepsake trophy, carry on the tradition for alumni and students alike!

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