Vintage Barbie Candy Striper Volunteer

Vintage Barbie Candy Striper Volunteer

Red & White Stripe Pinafore
White Blouse
White Hat
White Tennis Shoes
White Tray
Blue Plate
Watermelon Slice
Metal Knife, Fork & Spoon
Glass of Juice with cotton “fizz” and straw
White Wash Cloth
Soap with “B” monogram
Kleenex Box
Red rubber hot water bottle

The "magic" of this ensemble are those next-to-impossible-to-find tiny accessories, like the watermelon slice.  This was also made for only one year.  If you decided to collect the entire ensemble, it may take a while!

The 800 series of ensembles were made in 1964 and 1965 and also included:
Cheerleader #876 (1964-1965)
Drum Majorette #875 (1964-1965)
It’s Cold Outside #819 (1964-1966)

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