Vintage Barbie Drum Majorette

Vintage Barbie Drum Majorette

Red Coat
White Pleated Skirt
Drum Majorette Hat
Short White Gloves
White Majorette Boots with Molded Tassels

This is such a great ensemble!  Majorettes don't dress like this anymore!  The huge red fuzzy hat is prone to fading and can get "floppy" - you may need to lightly stuff it with tissue paper to get it to stand up tall.  The white pleated skirt has an attached white panty, which goes over the pantyhose.  The "baton" is a little wooden stick with a glitter covered ball on the end.  Ken had a coordinating Drum Major ensemble.

The 800 series of ensembles were made in 1964 and 1965 and also included:
Cheerleader #876 (1964-1965)
Candy Striper Volunteer #889 (1964)
It’s Cold Outside #819 (1964-1966)

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