Vintage Barbie Fashion Pak
Satin Bolero

Vintage Barbie Fashion Pak Satin Bolero

Satin Bolero
Satin Pillbox Hat

In Black, Pink Glitter, Rose or  White Satin

This jacket and hat were repeated in Satin ‘N Rose #1611 (1964) and in emerald green in Theatre Date #959 (1963).  The hat was used in White Magic #1607 (1964) . Because the same item was included in Satin 'N  Rose, the rose pink color is the easiest to find.  In my experience, it seems the black is the hardest to find.  The bolero is easier to find than the hat.  In the glitter satin pieces, the silver glitter has often worn off - on some pieces it is completely gone.  This is part of the Satin Mix & Match Group Fashion Pak Group (1963)

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