Knitting Pretty

Vintage Barbie Knitting Pretty

Vintage Barbie Knitting Pretty was made for two years in two different colors.   In 1963, the royal blue version replaced the similar Sweater Girl (which was one of Barbie's original ensembles).

Vintage Barbie Knitting Pretty #957 (1963 - 1964)

Vintage Barbie Knitting Pretty - Royal Blue NRFB


Royal Blue Cardigan Sweater
Royal Blue Sleeveless Shell 
Royal Blue Flannel Sheath Skirt 
Black Open Toe Heels 
How To Knit Book
Bowl of Yarn with Needles
Metal Scissors


Pink Cardigan Sweater
Pink Sleeveless Shell 
Pink Flannel Sheath Skirt 
Pink Open Toe Heels 
How To Knit Book
Bowl of Yarn with Needles
Metal Scissors

Knitting Pretty Accessories

While not as rare as the pink, the Royal Blue is harder to find than the original "sweater girl".  With all three ensembles, it is difficult to find the sweaters intact  - most of them have varying degrees of holes, the wool just does no’t hold up. The skirt is the easiest to find, as is the yarn bowl. The tiny scissors and “book” can be hard to find.

Knitting Pretty Reproduction

The pink is the rarest, and therefore the most valuable, of the three similar ensembles. 

Skipper's School Days #1907 (1964 - 1965) ensemble coordinates with Barbie's Pink Knitting Pretty.

In 2007, a Pink Knitting Pretty reproduction was included in the Barbie & Skipper Knitting Pretty Gift Set, which also included the first Skipper doll reproduction.

Knitting Pretty Royal Blue Catalog Image
Knitting Pretty Pink Catalog Image

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