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Vintage Barbie White Hanky

Vintage Barbie White Hanky A Vintage Barbie White Hanky was included in these ensembles:
Evening Splendour #961 (1959-1964)
Golden Elegance #992 (1963)
Roman Holiday #968 (1959)

Hanky? Handkerchief? I guess these were rendered obsolete by Kleenex!

These delicate little squares of fabric are hard to find! They are not just plain fabric - they are unhemmed and have a woven-in pattern.

The photograph here represents one in near mint condition. (It is unfolded - the "proper" way to display would be folded in fourths.)

In the 1950s every proper lady would have a clean pressed handkerchief in her purse and every gentleman would have one crisply pressed and neatly folded in the chest pocket of his jacket (and probably another one to actually use in his pants pocket).

I suppose the only remaining use for the handkerchief is to adorn the chest pocket of a gentleman's suit.

Today vintage hanky collecting (people sized) is an active hobby for many!

If there are any of these currently available on eBay they will show up below:

Here are the current listings:

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