Vintage Barbie Tennis Team

Vintage Barbie Tennis Team
(1970 - 1971)

White Tennis Dress with 2 Red Bows
Tennis Ball
White Tennis Shoes

This is Barbie's Mod Tennis ensemble, updated from Tennis Anyone? #941 (1962-1964) . The shoes, racket and ball are essentially the same. The dress is made from a white pique fabric and it has built-in panties. It has red bows on the front.

This outfit is not particularly hard to find, but it is very prone to show dirt and wear and tear. It cannot easily be laundered or restored, because the red bows fade onto the white fabric. (Guess how I know that!). I think that if the bows were removed an Oxi-Clean soak would make it look great - the fabric is textured and sturdy and holds up well.

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