Vintage Ken Doll Reproduction

2006 45th Anniversary Vintage Ken Doll Reproduction

Mattel celebrated Ken's 45th anniversary with a reproduction of Vintage Ken Doll With Flocked Hair (1961), complete with a reproduction box and original swim tanks and accessories.  (The 1st Kens didn't have the famous red and white stripe jacket.)

This is a Gold Label Edition (no more than 25,000 dolls produced).  It is still in good supply at the original release price.  Since Mattel has begun to limit the number of vintage repros made, the prices have been increasing over the years.

At the low prices this is now available, I would recommend adding it to your collection now, rather than waiting.  This would also be a great doll to have several to model vintage Ken fashions - he is certainly much more affordable than a mint vintage Ken doll - especially one with flocked hair.

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