Vintage Straight Leg Midge Dolls

Vintage Straight Leg Midge Dolls

Model #: 

Box Date: 

Issue Date: 
1963 to 1966

Hair Colors: 
Blonde, Red / Titian, Brunette

Vintage Straight Leg Midge Dolls

Vintage Straight Leg Midge Doll Head & Face

Blue eyes, light brown eyebrows, coral lips, freckles.

Black or Gold Wire Stand

Body Markings: 
Midge T.M. 
Mattel, Inc. 
(In 1964 added the word "Patented")

White open toe heels
2-piece knit swimsuit - the colors were different for each hair color:

Red / Titian
Yellow Top
Orange Bottoms

Light Blue Top
Medium Blue Bottoms

Blonde SL Midge in Box

Pink Top
Red Bottoms 

Brunette SL Midge in Box

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Variations include: 
Different lengths of hair 
With Painted Legs
Different shades of brown eye shadow (light to dark)

Midge with teeth

With teeth

Midge with no freckles

With no

Midge with teeth and no freckles

With teeth and
no freckles

Midge Variation - Blue Headband on Box

With Blue
Headband on Box

It is speculated that the first Midge dolls came in the blue headband box
and had teeth - partially verified by this video:

Vintage Straight Leg Midge Doll Gift Sets

Straight Leg Midge had two of her own gift sets and was also
included in other Barbie gift sets in 1963 and 1964.

1964 Midge Mix and Match Set
This set is a mystery - I cannot find this set in any of the reference books I own, other than mentioning it by name in two books.  I have NO idea what was in it - The few online references and eBay listings all have different clothing attributed to it.  One resource had it pictured with Pink Knitting Pretty and Garden Party dress.

It was supposed to be a Sear's Exclusive, but it is not listed in the Sear's Christmas catalog in 1963 or 1964.  The 1964 Sear's Wishbook has the Midge Ensemble Gift Set.  If you have a reliable reference,
please email me!

1964 Midge Mix 'n Match Set

1964 Midge Ensemble Gift Set
Included clothing from Knit Mix & Match Group Fashion Pak (1963) along with a SL Midge Doll. Items included in the multi-color stripe pattern were:

Knit Accessories
Knit Long Skirt 
Knit Short Skirt

In the Royal Blue Color:
Knit Top
Royal Blue 
Knit Slacks

Two pair of Open Toe Shoes
Royal Blue and White

1964 Midge Ensemble Gift Set

Barbie Gift Sets That Included SL Midge

Fashion Queen
Barbie and
Her Friends

1963 Fashion Queen Barbie and Her Friends Gift Set


1964 Barbie Wedding Party Gift Set

See on eBay


Barbie 1964 On Parade Gift Set

Vintage Straight Leg Midge Doll Reproductions

Japanese Midge

It seems the Japanese market didn't care for the traditional Midge, so they made one of their own.   She was named "The New Midge" and was sold only in Japan in 1965 and 1966.

She came with a blue headband (just like Fashion Queen Barbie) and wearing the same swimsuit as red head Midge - yellow top with orange bottoms.

She had the same body as Straight Leg Midge and came with a Midge pedestal stand.  She had blue eye shadow and much smaller lash ridges that the regular Midge.

Japanese Midge Doll

Japanese Midge had a new, unique head and face mold and came with Fashion Queen style molded hair and at least one wig.  I'm not sure if there were one or two wigs - as I always see this doll with the two wigs pictured here.   But it could be the same one, with one of them being pulled back.

Japanese Exclusive Midge Doll
Japanese Exclusive Midge Doll with Brunette Flip
Vintage Straight Leg Midge Dolls

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