Vintage Twist 'n Turn Barbie Doll

The Vintage Twist 'n Turn Barbie Doll releasealso called TNT by collectors, was the beginning of the Mod Barbie Era. Barbie received a total makeover - a new face, a new hair style and a new body. The TNT Barbie has rooted eyelashes, bendable legs and a twist and turn waist.

Doll Name: 
Twist 'n Turn, TNT

Blue eyes, brown eyebrows, rooted eyelashes, deep pink lips and blush

Model #: 

Box Date: 

Issue Date: 
1967 to 1968

Clear X-Stand

Body Markings: 
Mattel, Inc. 
U.S. Patented 
U.S. Pat.Pend 
Made In 


Hair Colors:
Shades of Blonde, including Sun Kissed (light blonde), Summer Sand (grayish blonde)
Red / Titian 
Brunette, including Go Go Co Co (medium brown), Chocolate Bon Bon (dark brown)


You will find there are variations of each color.  
You will also find vintage Twist 'n turn barbie dolls with different hair colors,
usually this is caused by oxidation over the years.

Vintage Twist 'n Turn Barbie Doll Clothing:



Orange vinyl bikini with
white net cover up
accented with
orange stitching.
Orange hair bow.



Two piece pink swimsuit with
sleeveless multi-color top and
thin green belt with gold buckle
and pink vinyl shorts.
Pink hair bow.

Vintage Twist 'n Turn Barbie Doll Reproductions

Twist n Turn Vintage
Barbie Doll Reproduction

This is the first reproduction Barbie from the Mod Era and includes reproduction of a Twist 'n Turn (or TNT) Barbie wearing Smasheroo #1860 (1968 - 1969).  The brunette doll was released in 1998 and in 1999 a redhead was issued.  

This is a very well done reproduction and is becoming harder to find. Like many other reproductions, this is a great doll to use as a model for Mod fashions.


Far Out TNT Reproduction

This vintage Twist 'n Turn Barbie doll from 1999 features a beautiful blonde TNT reproduction, wearing a new ensemble.  The ensemble is not a mod or vintage reproduction.

This doll is still fairly easy to find NRFB (Never Removed From Box).

Many collectors by it to de-box, or buy the doll nude to display their Mod ensembles, because it is a very stunning high color TNT.


All That Jazz
Vintage Barbie Reproduction

This is a beautiful reproduced mod Blonde TNT Barbie wearing All That Jazz #1848 (1968 - 1969).  It is a Gold Label, Collector's Request Edition and is limited to only 12,100 dolls.  A Platinum Label (fewer than 1000 dolls) Brunette doll was also released.  The Brunette version is sold out, but the Blonde is still available at the original release price (or lower).  If the past years' Gold Label vintage repros are any indication, this doll has a strong chance of highly escalating on the secondary market.  (In other words, if you want it buy it now!)


Twist n' Turn Reproduction
My Favorite Barbie 50th Anniversary Series

The TNT Barbie Reproduction is a reproduction of a Twist 'n Turn Barbie with red hair from the late 1960s. She is wearing her original orange vinyl two-piece swimsuit with the white mesh cover. She also comes with a reproduction of the mod ensemble Zokko! #1820 (1968 - 1969), including the funky gray go-go boots with the orange stripe! 

Barbie comes along with a reproduction booklet and 50th anniversary collectible cards that portray a vintage image reproductions on one side and Barbie facts on the back.

This is the third in the My Favorite Barbie series, a series of six vintage Barbie reproductions to celebrate Barbie's 50th. It was released in 2009 with a retail price tag of $39.95.


Trade-In TNT Barbie

Mattel promoted Barbie's new look and TNT body with a very successful Trade-In program.  The dolls were the same as the 1967 Vintage Twist 'n Turn Barbie doll but they came in a special box.  

For only $1.50, girls could trade-in their older Barbie Dolls for a new, modern Barbie.  This was a very successful promotion - I remember trading in my earlier doll for a new one. 

The TNT's hair is pulled back at the sides with a bow. The length varies from below the shoulders to the waist and the ends are uneven.



In 1969, TNT Barbie got a new, shorter hairstyle and a different swimsuit.  She is called "Flip Barbie" or "Marlo Flip" - Flip Hair TNT Barbie for details.

The Twist and Turn Waist Body was Patented in 1966.  Every Barbie made since then with a TNT waist has the date 1966 on her bottom, leading many people to believe they have found a valuable vintage Barbie doll, when in fact they haven't.

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