I Waited 30 Years for Dinner at Eight

by Suzanne

When I first became interested in vintage Barbie, I bought a
vintage Bubblecut doll on eBay and then my first ensemble,
Dinner at Eight (from 1963).
I remembered that ensemble from my childhood - my older cousin had it and I always wanted it and always played with hers when we were together.
I was so thrilled when I received it in the mail! I realized it was because I had waited 30 years to get it!
I guess I don't need to tell you that my vintage collection didn't stop there - but it is still one of the most treasured items in my collection!

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As Adults, we can have our favorites!
by: Barbara

I think that is part of collecting vintage Barbie's and her adorable vintage outfits! We now can have the one piece or outfit (or more!)that we always wanted! We are all big kids at heart and we'll pay more for her things than for us sometimes, but isn't it fun?!

I know just how you feel...
by: Anonymous

...because I wanted "Solo in the Spotlight" from the time I was six years old. The little girl across the street had it, but I could never find it in the stores. I finally got my own "Solo" when it was finally re-released on a reproduction ponytail Barbie--just in time for my 40th birthday!

Congratulations on getting the outfit you'd waited so long for.

Good things are worth waiting for
by: Johnny

Lovely little 'story', I collect The UK's Pedigree Sindy, we had a Sindy and Paul when we were kids back in the 60s, we loved them. Some friends down on the coast, had a Sindy record, I loved that, when we went to stay, I would put it one repeat for hours ! Ha Ha...Years later I discovered Ebay, well, I guess you know what happened then, needless to say I have a HUGE collection now !..And, yep I got it, that record, which I waited years for, and yep, that feeling is just amazing eh, nothing can top it, well....MMmm....Ha Ha...Here's my website for Sindy
and I have started one for American Charater Tressy, but no pics on that one yet, that one will be a sort of fun, 'story' site, as I have made her a penthouse apartment to live in, and bought her tons of 60s Barbie outfits etc, as I think they are so stylish and well made, much nicer than Tressy's, hence me finding all these fantastic Barbie sites, of which I have to say, this is the best, it's brilliant !So the site will be a picture story 'book' of Tressy arriving in New York circa 1967 ish and setting up home, shopping etc....

Anyway., as usual I'm waffling on ! Ha Ha...Thanks for sharing your story, it really reminds us of that feeling we got when we finaly got that item we never had as kids.....Tons of love Johnny

I can Identify with you
by: Elaine

I too have begun collecting vintage Barbies because of childhood memories! I know I appreciate them now, much better than I would have as a child.

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